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AHA!? To see what is. To become what I am.

Youth Festival at Pentecost organized by Christian Community Youth. 7th- 11th June 2014 in Tübingen.


to see what is
to become what I am

"Everything that happens, has to do with you!"

Günter Eich´s poetic call to vigilance after World War II, has been scientifically endorsed: everything is interconnected, everything influences everything else in the world.

Crass occurrences strike the eye.  Often they frighten us, create fear or cause one to tremble.

At the same time there is so much that goes unseen but might be ever so important, something which stimulates or inspires, provides hope and joy, and enables us to wonder.

Whatever comes our way: We can acknowledge it for the moment with an "Aha!?", before making a quick value judgement. With an "Aha!?" we can momentarily perceive what is, allow ourselves to be shown how something can work, only to realize then what we actually want ourselves.

The international Pentecost Youth Festival Days 2014 in Tübingen provide an opportunity in which every person can become an Aha-experience for someone else. This is because every person knows something about what is happening in the world, is, in fact, part of what is happening. Thus, everything that happens, has to do with you…


... a Video from the last festival in 2013 UND

„Jeder individuelle Mensch, kann man sagen, trägt der Anlage und Bestimmung nach, einen reinen idealischen Menschen in sich, mit dessen unveränderlicher Einheit in allen seinen Abwechselungen übereinzustimmen die große Aufgabe seines Daseins ist.“

aus dem 4. Brief aus den Briefen "Über die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen" von Friedrich Schiller.