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AHA!? To see what is. To become what I am.

Youth Festival at Pentecost organized by Christian Community Youth. 7th- 11th June 2014 in Tübingen.

About the festival

During the conference, we shall explore the Aha theme in fundamental lectures (one per day) and in conversation groups on a wide range of topics.  In addition, we want to experience the reality and workings of the Aha in practical and artistic workshops, such as acting, music, eurythmy, gymnastics, and sports.

There will also be room for "free initiatives," spontaneous offerings by any conference participants.  This could include anything from folk music or songs to tango lessons, volleyball, or outdoor education games.

The evenings will offer artistic performances (theater, cabaret, circus, music, eurythmy, and so on), followed by a vesper service.  After that, you can unwind in our cozy Night Cafe, relaxing to music and making new acquaintances.

The event of Pentecost will be with us throughout the conference in the form of the Act of Consecration of Man celebrated daily in various languages and the shared vesper service every evening at the altar.  Pentecost Sunday will be a festive highlight, letting us experience our responsibility for one another as present-day humanity comes together ever more.

Participation in the religious services is voluntary, and is not a requirement for participation in the conference!

We are looking forward to Pentecost 2014 with you!